Wellbeing Retreat – Online At Home

Our next course date is to be arranged.
Contact us to create an online wellbeing retreat for you, your business, organisation, family or friendship group.

Yoga, Mindfulness, Coaching and Healthy Food.

Create your own Retreat

Turn your home into your very own retreat centre, and treat yourself to time and space, for healthy habits and peace of mind. Our retreat team will be checking in with you and running sessions for you.

Yoga with Emily

Emily will be on Zoom running a yoga class. Combining movement, stillness, meditation balance and breath. These sessions will focus on feeling calm and centred as well as gently warming and building the body. A perfect way to start the day. The sessions are perfect for people of all abilities.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Tom will be running a mindfulness meditation. This is an opportunity to relax and create a sense of inner calm for yourself.

Coaching and activities

Before the Retreat begins you will receive some information on coaching, and some questions to get you considering what positive change you would like to create for yourself. If you would like, this retreat is the perfect opportunity to let go of a few things that limit you and to begin accepting a few things that can make your life even more wonderful. You will be provided with a journal with some questions to answer each day and activities for you to practice. You also have the opportunity for some 1-1 coaching with our coaching team.

Delicious Food

Using our pre-made cooking videos we’ll send out the ingredients for you to cook alongside professional chef Jake as he prepares a delicious and nourishing meal, done at your leisure.


Meet and share with others on the retreat, at the end of the day we will simply share a few gratitudes and thoughts from our day.


This time is about leaving apps and notifications turned off, and removing all other distractions, so that we can live the life we choose on purpose.

For more details, enquiries or to book go to contact

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