Session types & Costs

Online coaching is perfect for an ongoing coaching relationship. Regular appointments allow you to keep the focus on the areas of life that matter the most. All that is required is a good internet connection and a space where you will be free from distraction.

The coaching conversations allow you, the client, to freely explore what is most important to you, whilst I listen and direct the conversation often through questions to help you to discover your direction forwards. It can also sometimes include some light therapy work such as breathing and mindfulness exercises. 

Before you commit to booking, all sessions begin with up to a 30 minute free ‘chemistry session’ to ensure that the coaching relationship is the right thing for you.

5 x 30 minute sessions:  Great for staying on target during a small time-frame, frequent rapid sessions for some self exploration or perhaps to turnaround a small issue, or start work on an exciting new project.
Cost – £325 + free initial chemistry session

5 x 1 hr sessions: A chance to take your sessions a little deeper, with a little extra time to turn your coaching conversations into action.  Cost – £375 + free initial chemistry session

5 x 1.5 hour: For a more long term life impact. 1.5 hours allows for conversations to travel a little further, and the five month time frame allows for a greater length of time to create the change you have been dreaming of.
Cost – £500 + free initial chemistry session

To begin your journey

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