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How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain Lisa Feldman Barrett

I had to get my science head on for this read, but found it very enlightening and relevant to everyday living.  In her book How Emotions are Made, Lisa Feldman Barrett highlights the gaps in traditional emotion research and proposes the need for a new way of thinking about emotions. For the past twenty fiveContinue reading “How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain Lisa Feldman Barrett”

Resilience Title of book cover


I recently read ‘Resilience’ by Carole Pemberton. The book is aimed at coaches and provides a detailed understanding of what resilience is and also practical techniques of how to implement useful strategies to combat a loss of resilience. Below are my key learnings and take aways from the book, to help me remember, but I hope that others may find of use as well.

Edith Eger: ‘This is an invitation to choose the life you want’

I think that listening to Edith’s words and taking onboard her suggestions are more relevant than ever. As we slowly emerge from lockdown it is time to reflect on what we have learnt about ourselves during this time, what is truly important to us, what our priorities are and how can we work together to make a positive impact on our world, the people and the environment.

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