“Know yourself and you will win all battles” – Lao Tzu





Khare, Nepal – Mount Everest in middle distant

An Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) trained coach and Neuro-Linguistic practitioner.  I also work as an outdoor instructor and combine these two areas to help people fully explore their strengths and realise their capabilities.

My passion for coaching enhances every aspect of my work including the outdoors, which for the last ten years has led me to taking clients and groups rock climbing, hill walking, gorge walking and other outdoor activities. Where possible I try to include the outdoors in my coaching practice, being out in nature can be very useful and taking part in outdoor activities a great way to promote learning and competence.

I work with individual clients, from all walks of life, to enhance their general wellbeing as well as working with corporate organisations to ensure that employees are fulfilling their potential and adding value to the business. 

I was extremely grateful to get the chance to work alongside a group of veterans on a three week mountaineering trip to Nepal in November 2018. Coaching in this environment proved to be a very powerful tool in self learning and exploration. The whole team benefited from this experience gaining insights into their capabilities whilst sharing lasting memories with others. I believe coaching whilst in nature can be a transformative experience, leading to lasting change and growth.

I believe that coaching is a powerful way to facilitate individuals and businesses in creating their desired future. Coaching is extremely useful to increase self awareness, feel more connected with yourself and others, gain acceptance of where you are now to make the most of getting to where you want to be.

My first task as a coach is to build rapport with the people I’m working with to ensure they feel at ease and happy to explore new ways of moving forward. My demeanour is calm and friendly, hopefully allowing people to feel comfortable and able to build trust. Coaching is a collaborative process in supporting self learning and development to create positive and lasting change, helping create the desired lifestyle of the coachee. I believe that coaching can be very powerful providing opportunity for reflection, growth and revealing truths which will add great value to wellbeing and enhance the choices we make, ensuring we lead extraordinary lives. 

My coaching practice is varied and can be arranged in many formats from phone conversations, one to one meetings or be done whilst taking part in outdoor activities from hill walking, rock climbing both in and outdoors, mountain biking to multi day trekking expeditions within the UK.

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