Edith Eger: ‘This is an invitation to choose the life you want’

10th July 2020

My favorite four-letter words are T-I-M-E and R-I-S-K. Time, because in choosing how to spend it, we have the opportunity to decide how we want to show up for others – and ourselves. And risk, because it’s through taking risks that we grow. Hazards hurt and disempower us, but risks take us into discomfort where we are able to discover our strength.

Edith Eiger

I read this article during the middle of the lockdown period, it was written during the height of the pandemic and for the challenges that were relevant at that time. However I think that listening to Edith’s words and taking onboard her suggestions are more relevant than ever. As we slowly emerge from lockdown it is time to reflect on what we have learnt about ourselves during this time, what is truly important to us, what our priorities are and how can we work together to make a positive impact on our world, the people and the environment. I think this global pandemic has highlighted more than ever just how connected we all are and by living for the ‘we’ instead of the ‘me’ we can create a better future.

The black lives matter movement has demonstrated how the actions we take impact everyone’s lives. Therefore we have a responsibility to educate ourselves in the lives of others and realise how our behaviours can impact both positively and negatively on those around us, by creating a more open and understanding community we are better equipped to make sure our culture is fair and just. This powerful movement is a key turning point in highlighting that we need to make choices or take action as a society to create meaningful change. I believe it is important to ask what can I do, what are my responsibilities going forward.

We’re in a dark tunnel right now. Find an arrow to follow toward the good that can come. Together, let’s stretch our comfort zones and move toward the light.

Edith Eiger

A really great quote from the article, it might feel uncomfortable and perhaps difficult at times but by listening and gaining a better understanding of what’s happening both within ourselves and to the people around us we can make better choices in moving forward.

My question for reflection this week is what can I do to make my contribution have a lasting positive impact.

Read Edith’s insightful article here

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