“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.” – Bob Nelson 

Be your ultimate self.

Coaching helps remove barriers, build confidence, enhances self awareness and learning, helping create inner calm whilst also allowing you to create the future that you really want.

We often get stuck in similar patterns or end up taking the easier option which can lead us down a path we hadn’t intended taking. Coaching allows you to explore new alternatives and increases choice to ensure you are making decisions which are in line with your values.

Having been through the coaching process as a coachee I fully understand the potential of coaching and how it can enhance the decisions we make allowing us to be the best version of ourselves, and help to create our desired future.

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Laura is a phenomenal coach. She has a natural ability to put you at ease and draw out of you, the ability and confidence to face your fears, achieve goals you are struggling with and bring out the best in you! Her calm and natural ability to build your confidence by making you realise your inner strengths is an exceptional skill that anyone who is coached by her is lucky to experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura to anyone who needs that little bit of help to guide them in the right direction and complete those goals they never thought they could.” – Rebecca

Laura is a shining light in the coaching world. Someone who truly embodies all the qualities of a professional and enlightened human being. She is calm, patient, observant, non-judgemental and kind. She also stays grounded, resolute and firm when strength and clarity of vision are required to help clients through their toughest challenges.Laura brings out the best in people through these qualities and helps them to flourish and grow through her use of powerful and timely application of questions and tasking. There are few people out there in the world who work with clients in the same way as Laura, she uses her craft gently and subtly and yet in a way that yields quick rapport and strong relationships with everyone she meets.I have much to learn from her. Her coaching conversations have already impacted many people in the world, and I have no doubt that it can only continue to spread.” – Tom – Coach – Tom Powell Coaching

“A natural coach, Laura listens to identify the motivations for people’s engagment. Laura has a supportive and developmental approach with clients. She helps people to translate and clarify these into realistic and rewarding plans that recognise the inter-relatedness of other priorities. I’ve personally valued her kindness and support”. – Clive

Laura is a wonderful listener and coach. She has a gentle receptive manner that put me completely at ease. She listened in an insightful way to my scramble of thoughts and words and helped me see more clearly the essence of my particular problems.  We worked through different ideas for actions and new ways of thinking that I might adopt to resolve these issues. The session was really helpful. Laura’s kindness and understanding have helped me see a much clearer happier path ahead. I am so grateful and would highly recommend her as a coach.”   – Wendy

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